Custom Products We Offer

Svenpuss Productions is currently accepting orders for complete one of a kind character creations. We offer full costumes as well as individual items. Lovingly made and incredibly versatile, they can be used for line entertainment or in house scares. Please note that we reserve the primary creative control over the pieces we create in order to produce an original Svenpuss styled costume or accessory. Each order includes a full consultation and requires a 50% deposit. Please select one of the following options for more details.


Svenpuss Originals

For those of you looking for a completely original costume or item. All Svenpuss Originals are one of a kind and handcrafted.   

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Bulk Orders

We currently accept bulk orders for background actor costumes. Fill your haunt quickly and cohesively with a cast of characters and stay on a budget. All costumes include base distressing. Minimum order of 10 required. Accessories not included.


Shop Announcement

Keep your eyes peeled for the grand opening of our online shop, filled with one of a kind ready to ship/made to order items and costumes.